Tips to Change Headlight Bulbs in Most of Honda Vehicles


Driving with a burnt headlight bulb can be frustrating, and it can be dangerous. Fortunately, Honda has made replacing the bulb a simple task – in many Honda models, headlight replacement can achieve without the help of tools. If possible, have a friend standing in front of your car while cycling between high and low beams to determine that the bulbs are damaged, since some Honda cars use more than one bulb per headlight unit.

How I do:

Open the hood of the car and support it with the bell bracket. Look for the affected headlight assembly on the front of the engine compartment.

Disconnect the headlight harness by squeezing the connector or tab and gently pulling it towards the headlight or bulb.

Turn the plastic bulb cover counterclockwise a half-turn or a quarter turn to unlock the cover and pull it out of the headlight assembly.


Unlock the 9004 led bulb kit retention clip by squeezing the legs of the joint clip and swinging the clip out and away from the bulb. Some Honda models do not have a retaining clip; In these, you are done with the old bulb as soon as you turn it a quarter turn and take it out of the lightbox. Take the bulb out of the headlight assembly and discard it.

Insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly. Lock the bulb retention clip, squeeze the clip legs together and close the clamp on the back of the bulb. Release the clip to fix the bulb. This step is not necessary if the assembly does not have a retaining clip.

Place the plastic bulb cover on the headlight assembly and turn clockwise half a turn to fit in place, or a quarter turn if it is the type without a retaining clip. Connect the headlamp wiring harness to exposed ends of the bulb.

Turn on the car lights, cycling between the high and low beam, to ensure the lights work properly. Check the wiring harness of the new headlight and connector if the headlight does not work properly.

Honda Vehicles

Tips and warnings

  • Use the car not to touch the bulb body part of a led headlight bulb. The led bulb can permanently damage by the oils found in human skin.
  • The led bulbs should not be confused with angel light. The angel light is a ring around the main headlight bulb. If you want to install these style headlights, you should make sure your vehicle has a projector headlight system.

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