The Guide to install Intercooler and Run the pipes on 5th Gen Honda Accord

The Guide to install Intercooler and Run the pipes on 5th Gen Honda Accord

What is intercooler? The intercooler is originally contained in turbocharged vehicles for two reasons: the compressed air carries a lot of heat which can affect the engine parts by causing detonation in the cylinders, thereby lowering boost. So, upgrading the intercooler on your turbocharged car means more horsepower, consistent performance, and safer operating temperatures.

Today on this post, I will show you how to install the intercooler and run the pipes. I’ve removed the bumper, I actually have the intercooler off. I’ll be able to take a show you where it’s routed, how it’s done up and what you receive of this what happened was a blue motor. I get the turbo removed part of the intake piping out of the way, the inlet piping for the turbo itself.

Got the pipe running from and then I have another pipe and it’ll sit straight on top of the turbo.

You have your big plastic front bumper, it is put together by four bolts, you’ll have removed those four bolts and remove the bumper. We can actually do drilling onto your bumper, that hole is a mount point for your intercooler.

You have two options when it comes to the driverside. on the driver side, you can see the get past this AC line. I cut these portions out, that portion of the firewall on the front side was just basically a couple of holes. I added lines to them to cut them out of the way made it wide enough, it wouldn’t rub the pipe, I could take and route it, your pipe would actually come outcome over the top connect up to your compressor housing and connect directly to your intercooler.

The other option you have onto this is you can actually take washer reservoir out, there is this little hole that it comes through, you can run your pipe through it and actually run it across all this straight across to the top of your compressor housing. Those are two options you have for the driver’s side.

For the passenger side you’re going to be removing the airbox, it’ll come up through bracket connect up, took and use different pipes so this would actually be shorter and it would elbow in your blow off valve would sit about. Then this portion would actually connect up and elbow out and go to your passenger side of your inner core.

It would run down you’d have to remove your lower box and then you’d have to bend this portion cut and bend. So the pipe wouldn’t hit, once you have your intercooler set up then you’re all good to go.

I have the other pipe that connects up to it runs directly into the top of the compressor housing. Takes away all this shutter and everything so you’re good to go and then just connects into the inlet of the turbo.

The other downside to running the intercooler piping between or over the top, get your power steering pump in the way and you also have your power portion for your alternator. I’m going to actually have to take the pipe that’s connected and runs to the top, drill a hole install a nipple boom done.t

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