The Guide to install B&M Supercooler on Honda Accord

The Guide to install B&M Supercooler on Honda Accord

This is a 1998 Honda Accord V6 and as most of you know they have real problems with the transmissions especially in terms of the fact that they’re not adequately cooled.

We’ve got the only two holes I had to drill were these two holes into the bumper and you’re going to have to use a hard carbide tipped or carbide drill bit to do that. That bumper metal is the steel is much harder than you think it is. We use hole points that we’re already on the frame of the car in two places and this is stainless steel hardware.

This is the other point that I used right there also on the frame, there’s no way you can know what you can move it or shake it. It’s essentially more like a structural piece of the car now and to route the hoses.

This is the intake it goes into the cooler the hot ATF and on the other side. Spiral cut a length of tubing hose and wrap it around. Put them through the frame because there are no grommets on the frame on those hoses rubbing against the sides will eventually cut and then you’ll end up with cut hoses. Put in the aftermarket magnifying transmission cooler a point of contention or debate among people or novice understanding is what actually is the outflow in the inflow to the transmission.

This one up here is a hot fluid that gets pushed out of the transmission to the coolers, the torque converter develops pressure in. That’s what pushes it through this one is the return hose and it’s the black, so black is returned goes to the back of the transmission drops on the pinion. That is the input into the radiator cooler and the one furthest away again, it’s the black hose that’s the one that is the outflow which is going to go into your aftermarket be cooler, so that’s essentially how it’s done.


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