Replace H3 Car Light bulb on a 2012 Honda Accord


The use of LED headlights will be the tendency of the automotive industry. Before switch the led bulbs, It recommends you have a clear mind of these headlights function, the benefits, and the installation steps.

The headlights on your 2012 Honda Accord are crucial for visibility while driving in the light. If a headlight bulb fails, it must be replaced immediately for your safety. The 2012 Honda Accord uses a dual bulb headlight assembly, with the road light bulb on the outside and the low beam h3 bulb inside the headlight assembly. Buy replacement bulbs for your Accord at a Honda auto parts store or dealer.

Honda Accord

The Guide

Lift the hood of your Honda Accord and locate the rear of the headlight assembly. Pull the power steering fluid reservoir straight up out of the mounting area and set it aside. Do this only if you are replacing the road light bulb on the passenger side of the Accord.

Remove the wiring connection from the bulb you are replacing. Press the retention tab down and pull the connection down to remove it from the socket.

Turn the bulb in a quarter turn to the left to release it from the Accord headlight assembly. Focus out. Insert the replacement bulb into the assembly and turn it a quarter turn to the right until it clicks into place.

Reconnect the power cord to the h3 led bulb by pressing the straight connector in place until the retaining clip closures.

Repeat the process on the opposite side if necessary. Replace the power steering fluid reservoir by pushing it down into position, if removed.

Test the operation of the headlights to make sure they are working as intended.


Tips and warnings

  • Avoid touching the bulb body of the headlight bulbs. Finger oils can cause the bulb to fail.
  • When you drive on road, if you do nor use when to use the high beam, you have better turn them off. The low beam is legal to use on the road whenever at night or day. And it would not make oncoming traffic for the opposite drivers.

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