How to Replace the Cylinder Clutch on Honda Accord

A clutch master cylinder is a component that converts the mechanical power of pressing the clutch pedal to hydraulic pressure instead, which can be used to operate the clutch system. On your clutch system when pressure is applied to the Honda Accord Clutch Master Cylinder, that push is routed through to the system’s slave cylinders. Once the clutch’s function fails, the next system to get changed is the transmission. This article will tell you how I replaced the clutch master cylinder on my car. When there’s an indication of clutch slip, get the clutch replaced asap and you should be ok.

What common symptoms indicate you can want to replace the Clutch Master Cylinder & Slave Cylinder? After draining the system of fluid, then the slave cylinder and the master cylinder will be removed from the car by disconnecting the slave cylinder from the transmission bell housing, and removing the master cylinder from the firewall. I plan on utilizing long studs instead of the tranny to engine bolts to have an easier time backing the tranny off and placing it back on.

Step 1: Before you start, lift the hood of your car and fasten it in place. Among the components that have to be upkept so as to maintain your car functioning correctly is the Saturn Vue clutch master cylinder. One of the endings of the quick release pin is broken to prevent this from occurring, sadly it is on the body and impossible to access whilst the MC is mounted on the firewall.

How to Replace the Cylinder Clutch on Honda Accord

Step 2: In addition remove the two Philips screws and remove the black plastic cover. In addition, remove the two Philips screws holding the black plastic cover on the firewall just behind the vacuum. With the black plastic cover removed, separate the wiring harness connector. It’s, therefore, it is more economical to replace these components in one repair job as opposed to getting your vehicle repaired in a couple of different repair work should you include the hydraulic line.

Step3: Press on the clutch, then brake fluid under pressure moves from the master cylinder through a metal or rubber line to the slave cylinder mounted on the transmission. Since the master cylinder and the clutch slave cylinder work together to engage the clutch, even if either one of those parts begins to neglect it may cause noticeable differences in gear changing. I never detected any slipping, the clutch started bucking at reduced RPMs and since the situation escalated a higher scheme was necessary to obtain the vehicle into gear and moving. Once you’ve the nuts started on the threads, tighten them down grease will also help to defend the threads out of any corrosion as well.

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