How to install JDM Spoiler on Honda Accord Rear Roof

How to install JDM Spoiler on Honda Accord Rear Roof

Today I’m installing the spoiler which goes up on the window area after the roof finishes this gets installed with 3m tape. I think it’s gonna be a really nice style and I’m gonna go ahead and prep this, since it didn’t come with the 3m already, installed you have to install it, so I’m gonna go ahead.

I added the 3m on the sides and then the whole long way all the way down, basically I try to get to the edge as much as possible. There’s a little groove that comes up and there’s like an Inlet so that’s where I put the 3m around to the next edge. I’m gonna go ahead and peel this off, once I position everything, I’m able to peel and then paste.

This is what I did I went ahead and peeled off just a little bit this down here and taped it on the other side. Once I have position everything, I think they need to paint this in black. I’m gonna go ahead and install it. Anyways, we’ll do this in three paint black base black or what not so the process is to go ahead and you clean this really good. Clean the window, make sure it’s dry to the touch and that there is no debris. I went ahead and already clean that so I’m gonna go ahead and position this go ahead and peel the 3m ribbon. It’s already installed, I think it looks really nice and got a nice little kneel down.

To here, the spoiler is installed, it is really a nice style.


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