How to change 2016 Honda Accord Headlights with LED Bulbs

Today we’re going to install LED headlight bulbs in the Honda Accord. I will also show you how to change out these low beams. These are the headlight bulbs that people call it dipped beam or low beams. They’re the original halogen headlight bulbs used to normal driving and this car is equipped with the actually LED fog lights. Today we will be focusing on the low beam and changing it out.

The first step is to take open the hood to make sure the low beam in the right site, do not touch all the hot stuff, put out the OEM bulb, take out that tab and just push it and pull on the tab and you can see the tab is going to just fall out. The next step is actually to take this old bulb out just by twisting it and then pulling it out, slowly and carefully pull it out without touching the actual bulb.

Let’s get to the H7 LED headlight bulbs, they look awesome in this car, we’re going to use these new bulbs. The first step what I like to do is put the LED socket into the actual green socket and make sure positive is on positive, negatives on negative. Next step is you take these bulbs in and make sure they are in the right direction, just put it straight into the actual socket. Twist it in place make sure it’s secure and it’s not coming out. The fans are well located properly, I don’t need to mount a ballast or even place the bass anywhere because it doesn’t come with a ballast.

I’m going to test out how these they look compared to the OEM lights and you can see look at that difference. The whole entire look of this 2016 Honda Accord and the red color those nice rims just complimented and I’m just going to show you an actual street the lighting.

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