The Guide to Install Led Headlights in 7th Gen Honda Accord

Honda Accord

The headlights on your 7th Gen Honda Accord use halogen bulbs, which are very sensitive to oil, dirt, and scratches; Always handle them from the base and not the glass. You can buy a replacement or updated h11 bulb led at most auto parts stores or a Honda dealership.

How I do:

Locate and remove the reservoir from the radiator from the rear headlight assembly on the passenger side. Pull it up and out of its mount. Set it aside in an upright position, so it doesn’t spill.

Remove the wire harness connector from the back of the bulb. And then, press the locking tab to release it and pull the bulb connector. Place the wire harness connector aside.

Honda Accord

Turn the bulb counterclockwise 1/4 turn to unlock it from the headlight, then pull it out of the headlight assembly. Pull it back against the engine, and it can slide to the right.

Insert a new led car light bulb into the headlight assembly and turn it 1/4 turn clockwise until it clicks into the back of the assembly. It will click as it locks in.

Install the led bulb harness connector. Push the connector into the bulb until the locking tab fits. You will hear a click when it locks.

Reinstall the radiator reserve reservoir in its mount and move to the opposite side of the car. Replace the second bulb using the same procedure, except you will not have to remove the reserve tank.

Tips and warnings

  • Always replace the headlights two at a time. If you do, make sure the headlights are the same color and intensity on both sides.

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