How to change The Low Beam Headlights in 2006 Honda Accord

Honda Accord

The 2000 Agreement is a medium-sized sedan designed and manufactured by Honda. The Agreement has two headlight bulbs on each side of the vehicle to ensure adequate visibility during night driving or bad weather. The Agreement uses LED headlight bulbs that require to handle the bulb through the plastic case to protect the glass. Changing a burned headlight bulb requires no tools and can be done without having to check your vehicle by a mechanic.


Park the Honda Accord and turn off the engine. Allow the vehicle to cool for half an hour before replacing the h1 bulbs. Open the bonnet of the Agreement. Find the headlight that needs the replacement bulb.

Honda Accord

Reach down to access the headlight unit. Remove the electrical connector from the bulb; press the connector to unlock the tongue and loosen the connector. Slide the bulb outlet connector.

Remove the headlight bulb. Turn the bulb a quarter turn to the left to unlock the socket bulb. Could you take out the focus and discard it?

Place the replacement bulb in the socket and turn it a quarter turn to the right to lock the bulb in place. Reconnect the electrical connector by pushing back on the bulb. Repeat these steps, if necessary, for the opposite headlight bulb. Close the hood of your Agreement.

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